DIY - Holiday Yarn Wreath

yarn christmas wreath 041b
yarn christmas wreath 033a
To make this yarn wreath, start with at least 3 different colored and textured yarns.  If you’re lucky, you might have some yarn stashed in your craft closet somewhere.   I also bought Styrofoam balls in 3 different sizes.
yarn christmas wreath 001a
Start wrapping the yarn around the Styrofoam balls in different directions to simulate an actual yarn ball.  Use a dot of hot glue to seal the end of your yarn in place.
yarn christmas wreath 006a
I was on the fence about using hot glue to attach the yarn balls to the wire wreath.  I always believe that nothing can be too secure.  I was thinking of wiring it all together, but after gluing one ball to the wire, I found that it was secure enough to carry on.
yarn christmas wreath 008a
I started placing the large balls first and then scattered the other sized yarn balls along with 2 different sized glass Christmas bulbs, trying not to be too symmetrical.  I added a little glittered eucalyptus to finish off some small spaces as finishing touches.
yarn christmas wreath 012a
yarn christmas wreath 015a
yarn christmas wreath 035b
yarn christmas wreath 031b 
yarn christmas wreath 042a yarn christmas wreath 037a
It’s the perfect color for my kitchen!

Thanks for reading.

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