Wooden Floor Using Pallets


Instead of going to the store and give lots and lots of money on a brand new floor try building your very own DIY wooden floor just by following the next DIY idea that we are bringing to you: DIY wooden floor using pallets. Believe me when I say that this DIY project is quite easy to bring to an end and you will only need two important “ingredients”: you passion for crafting different things and lots and lots of patience. The final result will be amazing and you will be satisfied that you’ve managed to bring such a big project to an end with minimum effort.

To get started, you will need the following materials and supplies: 2 inch wide, 3 inch wide, 4 inch wide, 5 inch wide wooden planks (taken from the wooden pallets), mineral spirits and wax for the wooden floor.

Follow the instructions: What is best about this DIY project is that you can create your very own pattern for the wooden floor that you are going to make for your home. In order to get an amazing final result, place the wooden planks as it follows: one row of 2 inch wide planks, four rows of 3 inch wide planks, one row of 4 inch side planks, four rows of 3 inch wide planks and last but not least one row of 5 inch wide planks. This is only one pattern example. You can make any other pattern that you want and that will fit your home well. In order to get the wooden pallets and inclusive the pieces of wood clean you will have to use the mineral spirits and apply it to each wooden pallet (the planks). Let everything soak well and apply the final “ingredient”: the wax for the wooden floor. And voila!! Your beautiful and amazing floor is all done! Enjoy!!!
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