How I 3D Printed My Identical Twin

How I 3D Printed My Identical Twin

3D printing just reached its peak! The exact number of hours to print all the pieces was 185 hours and an entire week of painting! The result is an even better looking version of myself. A full body 3D scan made it possible for me to print my entire body in 5 large pieces. It was then assembled and cleaned up for an artist to paint a realistic appearance.

Many thanks to MSI for supporting the channel. In this video you saw me using the brand new MSI Prestige 15. They sent me the notebook since it is their first in their creator-series of laptops and wanted me to give it a spin.

The Prestige 15 was very portable and powerful, while being able to last for a really long time which was surprising. MSI explained that this is possible due to the brand new 10th Gen Intel CPU, NVIDIA 16-series components and can get up to 16 hours of battery-life, while still being productive.
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