Making Wood chipper mechanism

Making Wood chipper mechanism

I decided to build a third version because such a device is always useful at a country house. I also have a lot of things that are needed to do wood chipper, so the whole project should not be expensive.   The housing is made of a steel flat bar 12 mm thick, making it very strong and stiff. Large UCF208 bearings should also handle overloads without any problems. The blades are sharpened at an angle of about 60 degrees. The material they are made of is so hard that I could only cut it with an angle grinder. You can forget about drilling in this. All screws are hardness grade 8.8. For extra safety I put a spring washer under each screw. The mechanism will most likely be driven by 3kW / 4Hp electric motor and transmission, which will reduce the rotation of the mechanism to 200 rpm. The weight of the mechanism is about 34 kg / 75lbs

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