DIY plastic bottle mouse rat trap

how to make a bottle Folgers coffee mouse trap | plastic bottle mouse rat trap

How to make a mouse trap Folgers coffee
how to make a bottle mousetrap
how to make a mouse trap out of a bottle
Mouse traps
rat trap Listed below are some of the popular ways of making mouse traps and deterrents. Enough small talk lets start shall we?

The Tipping Bottle Technique No Kill Mouse Trap

This requires a bucket, a plastic bottle, text books in addition to electrical tape.

Cut the bottom and the top of your plastic bottle. It needs to appear like the bottle in the picture below.
Stick tape from the middle and add a counter weight of penny's on the side.
Position the bottle off balance on the bucket and tape the sticky side on the inside wall. Put the counter weight onto the books which the mice can use to climb on.
Get ready for the mice to grab the peanut butter and they will fall in.
The best thing about this technique would be that the counter weight resets the trap automatically once the mouse falls inside the bucket. Not only is it cheap and convenient but it's a lot better to catch these guys and make them go away. As long as you mouse proof you're home then you don't have to be concerned about them coming in again.

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