DIY Painted Terra-Cota Flower Pot

DIY Painted Terra-Cota Flower Pot

DIY Art Project: Painted Terra-Cotta Flower Pot

In this DIY art project, we show you how to create an eye-catching painted terra-cotta pot with a harlequin pattern. Here are the steps and downloadable instructions.
Skill Level: Novice
Time: 24-48 hours (including primer, paint, and polyurethane drying times)
Cost: Less than $50
Tools and Materials
  • Norcal 10 in. Terra-Cotta Flower Pot
  • Hobby knife
  • Multi-surface primer
  • Exterior water-based polyurethane
  • 1” painter’s tape
  • Paint brush
  • Artist’s brush
  • Exterior paint or project paint
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

DIY Art Project: Marking off terra-cotta flower pot

Step 1
Prime the pot with a primer appropriate for the material. Follow the instructions on the primer container.
Then, create a harlequin pattern on your pot. Draw the pattern in pencil, or you can purchase ready-made stencils in the paint department of your local The Home Depot store.

DIY Art Project: Taping off terra-cotta flower pot

Step 2
Tape off the lines with painter’s tape.
Trim off the excess tape with your hobby knife.

DIY Art Project: Painting terra-cotta flower pot

Step 3
With a paintbrush, paint over the tape to create your diamond pattern. Don’t use too much paint, though, or it will bleed through the tape.

DIY Art Project: Removing painter's tape from terra-cotta pot

Step 4
Once the paint is dry, switch the tape to the outside of the pattern, and fill it in an artist’s brush.

DIY Art Project: Painted Terra-Cotta Flower Pot

Step 5
Then simply remove the tape, touch up any imperfections and enjoy!
If you plan to set the pot outside, seal it with a water-based, exterior grade polyurethane. Use two or three coats.

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