DIY Grow Your Own Avocado Tree


It is easy to grow an avocado house plant  by rooting the stone of a shop-bought avocado pear. It’s a bit of fun too… 

Avocado 11) Holding the stone (often referred to as a ‘pit’) with its narrow- or pointed-side up, stick four toothpicks into the middle section at even intervals. They should go in to the stone to a depth of about ¼in (6mm).

Avocado 22) Add water to a small glass until it reaches the rim. Sit your avocado stone over the glass; the toothpicks should sit on the rim of the glass, leaving the rounded base of the stone under in the water. Put on a north-facing windowsill.

Avocado 33) Change the water every other day so that the base of the stone is always submerged in clean water (otherwise the rooting process is hindered). After 3-4 weeks, a tap root should emerge, followed by other fibrous roots.

Avocado 44)Soon, the avocado will sprout at the top, with one or two leaves. Remove it from the glass, and gently take out each toothpick. Use a small pot filled with houseplant compost. Bed in the roots and half-bury the stone. Firm it in.

Avocado 55) Place the avocado back on  the windowsill. Water enough to keep the soil moist: if leaves turn brown at the tips the plant needs more water; if they turn yellow it is getting too much water and needs to dry out for a day or two.

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