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Christmas Tee {Tutorial}

It's the most WoNdErFuL Time of the Year! I love the Christmas season for sooo many reasons: Jesus's Birthday, time with family, twinkly lights, pretty paper, parades.....

To get Gray in the spirit with me, she needed something festive to wear! I'm going to show you how to make this simple, but adorable Christmas Tree Tee for your little one. Seriously, this took me about 30 minutes so it's a perfect naptime project!

Plain t-shirt
green knit (scraps, or from an old t-shirt)
red ribbon
"sewing things"

Start by cutting your green strips. I cut 7 total, 1" wide and the following lengths: 10", 9", 8", 7" 6", 5", 4". If you need a smaller tree, take out two larger strips, if you need a larger tree, add a couple to the bottom. Mine was for a size 18 month shirt.

Also cut a 5" piece of red ribbon

Now we need to make Ruffles! Set your sewing machine to its longest stitch length and sew straight down the middle of each strip. Make sure you DON'T backstitch.

Grab the bobbin thread (the bottom one) on each strip and pull to ruffle your fabric strip. Pull until you get a nice, even ruffle. The 10" strip should end up to be about 7" in length once it's ruffled.

Pull and adjust each of your ruffles until you like the shape of your tree.

Pin each ruffle on and sew down the middle onto your shirt.

Keep sewing on ruffles until your tree is done. Make sure you backstitch at the beginning and end of each strip so they stay in place.

Stitch the middle of your red ribbon to the shirt. Tie it into a bow and hand tack the bow and tails in place so it doesn't come untied.

Put the tee on your little one and spread the holiday cheer!

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