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Overhead Camera Setup for Drawing

Overhead Camera Setup for Drawing

A behind-the-scenes look at two simple camera setups I use to film overhead drawing, model making, and architectural sketching. I use both to document my design process in the studio and the components for one of the two rigs shown can be purchased for less than $40.

For the first setup I’ve used a tripod with a center column that extends horizontally to capture the sketching surface. It’s important to keep the camera’s sensor parallel to the work surface so you’ll be able to flip it in post for that over-the-shoulder perspective. I use a DSLR (both the Canon 70D + Canon 6DMKII) for these as the zoom lens allows me to easily frame and recompose the field of view but it isn’t necessary. My first videos actually used a smartphone attached with a rubber band to an inexpensive tripod.

The less expensive DIY setup uses a smartphone attached to a friction arm. This can be used stand-alone with the included C-clamp and mounted to any surface that will receive the clamp, or it can be permanently affixed to various locations by installing threaded brass inserts to receive the male end of the friction arm. In the video you’ll see the overhead locations where I’ve mounted them in my studio. If you don’t have any accessible mounting points, I also show you how to use a small boom arm as a mounting point. Although it can be a little bouncy if you bump it, it’s perfectly workable.

I also discuss: lighting (artificial and daylight), backgrounds and offer you the tips I’ve used to film many overhead, tasty-style videos in my architecture studio.
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