How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger or Snake



- pongtu', which is the brand name of a plunger, does not come in contact with wastes as it does not have to be inserted in the toilet, is attached with a vinyl coating to keep it clean and free of bad odor. It can be used by anyone regardless of gender and age.
- 'pongtu' is foldable and portable, and as such can be used to unclog toilets anywhere.
- It is disposable and thus does not need to be cleaned for re-use.
Unlike other plungers that have to be stored in the bathroom for infrequent use, - 'Bbungtu' can be stored anywhere, which makes it safe and convenient to use.

- Is easy to use and saves time as it unclogs toilets just by pressing after paste.
- It is foldable and portable. Folding does not cause damage.
- It is disposable, sanitary, odorless and can be used by anyone.
- It is 370 long and 405 wide with 10cm-radius circular paste on both sides for application in all toilet types.
- It is transparent and thus toilet condition can be easily identified after unclogging.
- It is also applicable to bidet toilet after separation.

Raise toilet cover.
Remove water and wastes on the toilet top.
Rub to paste it tight.
Flush the toilet.
Press with hand to raise center of 'Bbungtu'.
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